Kopafasta Lauches Mdau Loan in Tanzania

Kopafasta Microfinance Limited team is finally aiming to launch a product that is aiming at a larger population and enable each and every one to be able to get access to the financial services via their mobile device. The kopafasta members can now be able to get loans from any kopafasta agent in Tanzania.

Mdau Loan is a referral microlending system which aims at creating a network of lenders under the kopafasta agent who will be dispersed across the country. Since its inception, kopafasta aims at enhancing the financial inclusion in the Tanzanian developing economy to reach atleast 50% by 2015

The manager of kopafasta, Mr. Patrick has pointed out that, “Our idea is to assist our developing economy to get access to loans while bypassing the formality of their daily activities. Our team is constantly working tirelessly to come up with products and services that will reach more people everyday”

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