Car Loan ( Ndinga loan)

With millions of vehicles across the country and considering that is termed as an asset, kopafasta now enables vehicle owners to get access to a wide range of financial services with their car as a collateral. The Vehicle Collateral Loan offers a no-brainier opportunity to enable economic growth while still in possession of your collateral during the whole repayment period.


For a vehicle owner to get access to the Vehicle Collateral Loan, the following KYC documents are required:

  • Car registration card;
  • Copy of comprehensive car insurance;
  • Copy of National Identification card;
  • Local government letter;
  • Two passport photos;
  • Copy of business license (Applicable to Business Owners);
  • Bank salary slip (Applicable to Employees)

Loan Amount

Based on the collateral market price the amount ranges from  1,000,000 to  10,000,000,Tshs  the repayment period of this loan ranges for 3, 6 months to 12 months based on the agreement