Nivushe loan

Targeting the employed people within the country, the Nivushe Loan product under kopafasta Microfinance offers the financial services in a form of advance salaries digitally straight to the recipients mobile device.

The loan focuses on assisting the employed community to be able to cater for their basic needs and emergencies whilst waiting for their monthly salary. Currently, Nivushe Laon caters for over 5,000 members employed across multiple companies under diversified sectors.


For employees under a particular company to be able to access the Nivushe Loan product, the kopafasta Microfinance Team needs to conduct a Due Diligence and KYC procedures. Once this is completed, it is then followed up by the contract signing and the registration of employees who will be legible for the Nivushe Loan under the company’s management discretion.

The employees will then be able to access the Nivushe Loans via the kopafasta mobile app using the QR Scanning Technology and quickly receive their loan straight to their mobile money wallets.


Loan Amount

There are two basic loan categories under the Nivushe Loan based on the amounts salary and the Microfinance Act on employee loans. See below:

Salary Period Amount Range (TShs)
Amount A Monthly < 2/3 of Amount A