News and Updates

  • kopafasta enabling financial inclusion at GardaWorld

    Kopafasta has had a great impact in the private sector enabling guards to access quick loans prior to their end of the month salary. One of the companies under this service is GardaWorld, a global security company with its offices in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Ever since the contract signing with Gardaworld in the previous

  • kopafasta supports the government fight against COVID-19 Virus

    The management and team at kopafasta Mictofinance Limited joined hands with the Government of Tanzania to fight against the global pandemic viral disease – Corona which has started affecting people in Tanzania at an alarming rate. kopafasta team visited one of local markets where their clients conduct their entrepreneurial activities to donate more than 100

  • kopafasta to assist Local Markets in Tanzania

    kopafasta Microfinance Limited with its MtajiPAP! Product is now working with Local Markets to enable entrepreneurs to get quick, reliable and affordable loans to sustain their business. With this product, local entrepreneurs at the markets will not have to worry about their operational capital at all times. Starting with Mwananyamala and Mwenge markets, kopafasta aims

  • kopafasta signs a contract with GardaWorld

    Kopafasta’s manager, Mr Patrick pointed out that, “Signing a contract with GardaWorld is a huge milestone to kopafasta. Our aim is to continuously change the Microfinance conventional norms which involved rigid processes. We work tirelessly to strengthen our application to ensure all groups are catered for” In an attempt to further stretch the boundaries of

  • kopafasta card handover to members

    kopafasta team has visited it’s branches to hand over the cards of their new members who have registered and submitted their forms to their branch managers. Our new members get their cards within 2-3 working days. Below are some of the images at the branch locations with the new members With the aim of pushing

  • Kopafasta signs a contract with Dragon Security

    Dragon Security, a private security company in Tanzania has finally signed a contract to get access to “Nivushe” Advance Salary Product for their company. The Nivushe Loan product is a well renowned advanced salary product that caters for thousands of employees in Tanzania. kopafasta manager, Mr. Patrick Kang’ombe pointed out that, “Our team is focused

  • Kopafasta opens a new branch in Dar es Salaam

    The first and leading QR Microfinance company in Tanzania has officially opened a new branch in Dar es Salaam in partnership with Dinari Investment. This new branch will cater for all kopafasta members within the locality and be able to solve any critical issues that are related to the product. The kopafasta team is aiming

  • Kopafasta Lauches Mdau Loan in Tanzania

    Kopafasta Microfinance Limited team is finally aiming to launch a product that is aiming at a larger population and enable each and every one to be able to get access to the financial services via their mobile device. The kopafasta members can now be able to get loans from any kopafasta agent in Tanzania. Mdau

  • kopafasta visits Mwenge Woodcarvers

    kopafasta has been provisioning loans to the woodcarvers at Mwenge for several years now and it has been a culture for our team to visit their clients from time to time. These visits involve face to face discussions with our clients and getting feedback on how they see our service. On the date 13th September

  • Gorilla Security Joins the kopafasta ASL Product

    Gorilla Security which operates in Mwanza along Lake Victoria and Dar es Salaam has joined the kopafasta Advanced Salary Loans. The Advanced Salary Loan product from kopafasta will now enable the employees at Gorilla Security to get instant loans straight to their mobile wallets. Kopafasta ensures financial inclusion to hundreds of thousands of its members