About Us

kopafasta aims at growing and become Tanzania leading Microfinance institution,  improving peoples’ lives from various micro-producing sectors , through provision of its services using state of the art technology, via professional and dedicated human capital




kopafasta as a scheme, was established with a purpose to financially include and formalize groups from informal sectors which contributes largely to the National productivity and income but are not identified as such.

kopafasta products and services are therefore tailored to uplift the groups from informal sectors, after being registered, identified and regulated via Government
projects such as TACIP and PSG-P to start with.

TACIP – Tanzania Arts and Crafts Identification Project

PSG-P – Private Security Guards Project

Therefore kopafasta is “Microfinance with the difference” as it correlate with the Government of the day agenda such as;

Formalizing the informal sector by issuing cash loans to raise members
capital and equipments loans to better production quality, whereas growth
of formal sector productivity widens Tax base, therefore increase National

Promotion of industrial base by giving rent loans for small hold producers
So that they get areas and use them as production sites in large numbers
For instance carpentry and woodwork.

Promotion of peace and tranquility ,as one factor attracting investors by
issuing loans to private companies security guards; Thus averting them
being tempered by criminals.

kopafasta loans are accessed via online application through android smart phone and electronic money is deposited into applicants mobile money wallet such as TigoPesa,M-Pesa, AirTel Money, Halo Pesa or related accounts.

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Our mission

Our mission