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Nivushe Loan

Nivushe Loan is an advance salary loans, also known as salary advance or payday loans, are short-term loans designed to provide employees from private sector companies.

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Karo Loan

Karo Loan is one of the kopafasta financial products designed to assist parents in funding their child’s educational expenses, specifically the tuition fees charged by educational institutions.

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Asili Loan

Whether you're an individual, a community, or a business, this product is designed to support projects that conserve water, enhance water quality, and ensure a secure water future for all.

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Mkulima Loan

Mkulima Loan aims to finance farmers in their operational activities such as purchasing land, livestock, machinery, seeds, fertilizers, irrigation systems, or other agricultural inputs.

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Mdau Loan

Mdau Loan aims to provide financial assistance to Small and Medium-sized Enterprise designed to meet the funding needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

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Ndinga Loan

At kopafasta, we provide Ndinga Loan, where the borrower’s vehicle is used as collateral, or a security against the loan.

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Mafuta Loan

Mafuta Card Loans – a transformative solution designed to optimize your fleet's financial management by providing a dedicated funding source exclusively for fuel expenditures

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Sola Loan

Our consultants at kopafasta Microfinance believe that harnessing the power of the sun has never been more accessible, thanks to our Sola Project Loans.

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Malkia Loan

Malkia Loan aims to assist women in developing economies which specifically address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by women in various aspects of their lives

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TukTuk Loan

Tuk Tuk Loan focuses on young generation who are in need of initiating their own motorbike public transport business commonly known as “Boda Boda” or “TukTuk”.

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Mtumishi Loan

Mtumishi Loan product aims to cater for public servants, also known as government employee loans or civil servant loans, are loan products offered to individuals employed in the public sector

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Bima Loan

This is a loan to purchase insurance, also known as premium financing. Kopafasta Microfinance enables an individual borrows funds to pay for the premiums of an insurance policy.

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