Mdau Loan


This is a credit facility designed to serve stakeholders or neighbors (Mdau) of SME’s & Retailers (who is kopafasta WAKALA) that supports his/her business in one way or another. Mdau is registered by WAKALA, issued a loan card and can access online loans via kopafasta loan card.


This is a quick personal financing loan for supporting short term needs such as utilities payments i.e. electricity, waters bills, transport fare and emergencies  like medical bills.

Target Customers

All SME’s & Retailers stakeholders of ALL levels throughout the country

Loan Amounts

The loan amounts range between Tsh.30, 000/= to 5,000,000/= and keep on increasing as the member repay and take loans timely.

Duration of the Loan

The loan is designed to be repaid within one month up to Tsh.200,000/= and above two months for Tsh. 250,000/= plus.